Horse Stalls Sliding Stall DoorsSliding Stall Doors manufactured by Armour Companies have set the pace in the horse stall manufacturing industry for many years. Please allow us the opportunity to share with you some of the value of owning Armour Stall Doors.

First, all of Armour’s sliding doors are manufactured with aluminum extrusions. Extrusions are made by pushing hot aluminum metal ingot through a form, much like a child’s Playdough set. The advantage to a product made with an extrusion is the metal has not been bent or stressed to be formed. Armour only uses extruded metal to fabricate its doors so you can be sure when ordering Armour products no ‘stress bending’ occurs. Another great feature of Amour’s aluminum doors is…THEY DO NOT RUST! A non rusting stall component means no replacement in 5-10 years. Aluminum does not rust or breakdown when exposed to the natural elements. So this means more time doing what you enjoy, riding and caring for your horses, rather than maintaining or painting stall doors to keep the rust from ruining your barn!

Each of Armour’s stall door units are shipped and arrive as a completely welded unit. There are no tubes to be inserted into holes, no rubber grommets to install, no extra lumber to add to the top or sides of the doors, no channels to fasten. That’s exciting news for those of you who don’t like to put together monkey bar swing sets! Armour ships you a completed aluminum non rusting frame with or without the lumber in the door bottom. Armour even pre-drills the holes at the top for you to slide the rollers into, so you don’t have to!! Including the hardware, Armour doors take 16-18 fasteners to install the entire door into your barn!!

Armour has over 240 different door combinations, so you can have it your way!! More options means you get what you want. Door Top options are available in 3”, 2” or 1” bar spacing and include a Lift-Out Panel, Sliding Horse Stall Doors Spring Loaded Fold Down, Gossip Top, Herringbone, Lattice Top or our Standard Bar Top. The Lift-Out Panel is a section of bars in the door top which is completely removable. A Spring Loaded Fold Down door has one bar in the door’s top, center, which is spring loaded thereby retracting the bar, a 2’ wide top section allows the horse to hang it’s head out into the aisle way. A Gossip Top allows a horse to hang its head over the top of the stall door at any time. The Herringbone and Lattice Top are aesthetic features on both the right and left side of the stall door and have no actual function accept to make the doors desirable to the viewer. Our recommendation is to choose a Bar Top if you are simply looking at your purchase from a price perspective. The Bar Top Door is our standard base model. Choose a Lift Out Panel if you intend to leave the bar section open a majority of the time for the horse to hang its head out. Choose a Spring Loaded Fold Down if you plan to open the door top and retain the horses head from hanging in the aisle on a frequent or daily basis. A Gossip Top should be chosen if you never plan to retain the horse from hanging its head into the aisle way. If you are looking for something special to make your barn unique, consider our Herringbone or Lattice Top doors. Herringbone or Lattice Top can be integrated with a Lift-Out Panel, Spring Loaded or Fold Down Panel for functional uniqueness! And don’t forget you can choose 3”, 2” or 1” between bar spacing!

Not only can Armour’s doors be ordered in a wide assortment of Door Top styles but unique bottom fascias are available as well. Once again if price is your purchasing power than our SDSO model door is the best option. This door allows you to purchase your lumber locally and install it into the assembled door frame bottom. This is a great option when you are trying to match a specific stall lumber species or type. If installing your own lumber into the doors is not an option, then we recommend our Cross-buck Sliding Door. The Cross-buck Sliding Door arrives with the “X” design fascia lumber installed in the door. If the traditional “X” is not your style then consider our Tongue and Groove fascia lumber option. We install 6” T&G lumber into the door bottom, so you don’t have to! Among our most popular with boarding facilities and veterinarian clinics are our Cool-breeze model doors which are equipped with 1” bars that have a 1” between bar spacing throughout the door’s bottom and reinforcement 2’ high from the bottom. The advantage to the Cool breeze door is that they allow air to flow in the lower 4’ of the stall and they are great for visibility into any stall. Miniatures benefit as well, when it is necessary to house them in a “standard” size stall configuration.

Horse StallsArmour’s sliding doors are priced and shipped with all the necessary hardware for installation, so you don’t have any additional hardware kits to purchase. The sliding door hardware includes: a self cleaning, self aligning galvanized round overhead door track, heavy-duty, adjustable, ball-bearing trolleys, aluminum non rusting door stop, heavy duty, zinc plated Super Latch, adjustable door keep stay roller and fasteners for all hardware installation into a standard lumber construction barn. Doors arrive with pre-drilled trolley holes for easy “roller” installation.

At Armour standard stall doors are available in two heights 7’ and 8’ but custom heights are available. The door width measures 4’3-1/2”. This door size is unique because it overlaps a 4’0” width opening. By increasing the width of the stall door, the door does not swing into the stall from its aligned opening and closed position. Both door sides have a full length of aluminum vertical square tubing for added stability, strength and structural integrity. No lumber on door sides are required because Armour welds heavy gauge non rusting aluminum into its place! Each of these vertical reinforcements is securely welded to the adjacent door parts, welds are concealed for aesthetic purposes, therefore providing you with a stronger, more durable and aesthetically pleasing stall door!!

All sliding doors are manufactured with aluminum extrusions that do not rust. A non rusting stall product means less replacement and maintenance in the long run. Armour Sliding Stall Doors are finished, which means they are completely welded together when you receive them and all the hardware is included in the price we quote you! Doors can be ordered in a wide assortment of styles and custom sizes which will accommodate your preferences. Armour stall doors can be ordered via our online store

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